Why You Should Try Digital Counseling

Due to the emergence of internet, it’s now possible for one to get counseled online regardless of the place that he/she is. Many counselors have been able to offer their services so that even those people who live in rural area can access them. This is due to the fact that they understand that some people may not easily access good counselors and even if they are able to access they may be exploited. Digital counseling is the best way and some of the reasons why you should try it are:

Convenience – Digital counseling allows a client to virtually book a session that fits into their schedule. It does not matter if your on vacation, work trip or simply wanting to call during your lunch break. For many, they like the idea of saving money on the commute and tend to stay in touch with the therapist twice weekly at the beginning.

In addition to this, you can contact the counselor at any time of the day that you. This is because many of them know that life issues are able to occur at any time of the day that is many of them offer their services 24/7.

Comfort – To have the ability to connect with a counselor from your home, office, car etc, is very comforting for many. Many are nervous about seeing a therapist face to face at first. They feel more at home when they are secure in their environment. The only requirement for you is a good internet signal, quiet space and privacy.

Effective – Internet therapy and phone counseling are forms of distance counseling. It has been in existence since the internet started. Over 10 years of studies show that distance therapy works just as well as face to face.

Cost Effective – More and more insurance companies are starting to cover digital counseling. They see that it is more cost effective for clients and it then is cost effective for them. If you do not have insurance, it still is very affordable.

Much easier to discuss hard and difficult topics. Many worries they will be judged when coming to therapy. There is a stigma for many that states seeking help are for the weak. This is far from true. You still need help so you may find it more appealing to seek therapy online from the comfort of your home. Research shows that individuals tend to open up more when they are able to talk to the therapist via phone and/or face time online.

Fast – No longer wait for a person to call you back to set the appointment that is weeks out. No more leaving messages waiting for a therapist to call back. Now you can jump online and book the appointment yourself. The next step is to start therapy at the time set. This approach eliminates a lot of time.

Give it a try if you’re anxious about setting up a face to face session. You will see that it is effective and very convenient.