The first reason why anyone who uses medical cannabis should always have a medical marijuana card is to avoid problems with the law. Even though there are dozens of states which have finally made marijuana fully legal, the majority of the country remains stuck in a sort of limbo when it comes to the legality of marijuana. The laws are grey at best in most states, with special clauses which allow people cannabis but not sell it, or have cannabis but not outside their home. The absurdities of the marijuana laws in this country today are enough to give medical cannabis users a headache. There are many online sites such as, www.medmarreleaf.com, which aim to explain cannabis laws to common folks, and while they may help some people, many folks will probably be left with more questions than answers. The best possible solution for anyone out there that needs cannabis for medical uses is to simply get their medical cannabis card. No matter what part of the country you might happen to live in, a medical cannabis card assures that you will not be subject to problems with the law. Police all over the nation know that a medical cannabis card means that a person has full permission to carry and use marijuana. In fact, the laws are only expanding in order to help protect people more and more that use cannabis for medical purposes. People that don’t want to get involved in a legal battle over their right to use cannabis for medical purposes ought to get a medical marijuana card today.

Another reason why getting a medical cannabis card is a smart idea is that it allows patients to pay less for their medicine. The only extra expense that people who are seeking a medical cannabis card have to face is the small cost of going to see a medical marijuana doctor. Besides the cost of a doctor’s visit, medical cannabis is cheaper in every way from other sources of cannabis when the user has a medical marijuana card. There are two big ways in which a medical cannabis card can help patients save money. First of all, medical cannabis prices are controlled by a national committee that makes sure that all people who need marijuana for medical purposes can afford it. On average, the cost of cannabis from a regular cannabis shop is around twenty percent higher than the cost of marijuana from a medical marijuana dispensary. The price savings can be made even greater when people have insurance from a company that provides some coverage for medical marijuana treatments. As of 2016, nearly half of all major insurance providers offer coverage for patients that use medical cannabis, and have a medical marijuana card. Secondly, the supply of recreational cannabis can vary greatly from month to month, so people that rely on regular sellers to provide them with cannabis can spend lots of extra money on their marijuana when supply is low. Medical cannabis suppliers always keep enough cannabis for all their patients with medical cannabis cards.