What You Need To Know About Handmade Wool Rugs

Are you tired of furnishing your dream home? Have you tried everything? The extra beauty of the home comes from luxury home wool rugs. Handmade wool rugs are commonly used in bathrooms, in children’s rooms, in the kitchen and other living areas. There are various places where you can place your rugs in the kitchens, such as a shelf and on the floor. You can also put a carpet on the dining table. Some of the famous prints for carpets include abstract, flowers, leaves, traditional patterns, fruits, patterns, etc.

Although synthetic rugs are also cheaply available, they can never match the quality, beauty, value, and durability of homemade rugs made of natural fibers, particularly those made of wool. Woolen homemade rugs are uniquely beautiful and luxurious. They are easy to clean, but their value, durability, and quality depend on the type of animal from which the wool has been obtained. The most preferred type of wool is the live animal wool because it contains oil that makes carpets look beautiful.

Advantages of homemade wool rugs

The functions of all other types of rugs are common- they give life to your living space, they comfort your feet, and they cover any flaws on your floor. Homemade wool rugs are way beyond the above functions, and their additional pros include:

* They add value to the interior design.

* They look better with age.

* They are known for their timeless beauty.

* They are very durable.

* They are listed as great antique items.

* They are wonderful works of art.

* Home wool rugs age very gracefully.

* Their value is appreciated over the years.

* You can pass them as a family souvenir.

* They can survive for many generations.

Considerations before buying homemade wool rugs

If you plan to buy hand-made wool rugs to add to the decor and charm of your home, then you should consider several factors before making a purchase. Before hasty buying a new product, consider the following advice.


First of all, ensure that you know where the carpet was made. There should be an authentication certificate attached to the copy, which is a guarantee that it was obtained from a recognized weaving center.

If you want to get the best product, it should be made by hand. A great way to check the authenticity is to look at the back of the rug; if the pattern is still strong, there is a good chance that it is handmade if the design it is rather weak, it is probably produced on the machine.

When it comes to checking the quality, you can use your judgment to some extent. If the rug is very dry and the colors are not strong, the wool may come from a dead sheep and not from a live animal.

On the number of knots that make up a real woolen rug of the highest class experts suggest that there should be more than two hundred per square inch — the lower the number, the worse the quality.

Domestic wool rugs are artistically made with bare hands using a variety of techniques. You can pick from a variety of available designs, or you can give your artistic desires that you want to include in your project.

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