This issue could have been avoided by seamless gutters made with gutter machines

gutter art

The scenario you are about to hear about is not about any particular family because the reality is, it has happened to numerous families. In fact, if it has never happened to you, you probably know friends, family or neighbors who have dealt with this issue. The issue is flooding and water damage and it can be a costly problem to repair depending on the duration of time and the extent of the overall damage.

Imagine, for example, a family whose home has standard sectional gutters. These are the type of gutter you would expect to see and perhaps not made by seamless gutter machines. Generally made of aluminum, they are made of numerous pieces of gutter that then fit together like puzzle pieces. This may seem fine, but the reality is, gutters made of multiple pieces will have many more seams. These seams act as small cracks and provide extra openings for water to leak through. Even if the pieces are fitted tightly, water could still potentially leak through, and as time goes on and inclement weather affects the gutter, the pieces might slowly pull apart or loosen, creating larger seams or cracks. Eventually, even small amounts of rain or snow melt dripping through these cracks or seams can cause wood rot and water damage on the house behind the gutter. After all, a gutter needs to be attached to the house closely in order to work, putting the structure of the house in danger of water damage.

Another issue with cracks or seams is that in particularly heavy storms, debris such as sticks or leaves may get caught in the cracks. The more sticks, leaves or other debris that get stuck, the higher the chance for a full clog in the gutter. When the gutter is clogged, water can back up sit for long periods of time. This standing water can get heavier and heavier as more water clogs the gutter and eventually, this heavy water can wear on the seams of a sectional gutter causing it to burst or fall of the house. When all of this pent up standing water is released, it will likely dump directly next to the house where it can seep into the foundation, or perhaps, if the volume is enough, infiltrate the ground and cause flooding or water damage on the basement walls or carpet.

Fixing walls or carpet from water damage is a costly repair, especially when it isn’t planned for. The reality is, very few people plan for freak accidents like this and it often puts a financial strain on a family. In order to prevent this, it is absolutely worth investing in seamless gutters made by a gutter machine which will eliminate the issue of seams or cracks in gutters. Not only do they look better due to the lack of seams, but seamless gutters can also be stamped with gutter art to further enhance to look and aesthetic of an already functional item.

To avoid this very common and costly repair story, think about equipping your home with seamless gutters from New Tech Machinery.