This is how cleaning services companies will clean your office

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If you have recently started working in an office that employs a professional commercial cleaning services company, you may be wondering what exactly that means. What will they do in your office after you leave? What will they clean? How should you leave your office for the night? If that is the case, you are not alone in wondering. The below rundown will tell you a little bit about how a professional janitorial services worker might clean your office space.

First, they will enter the office in the evening. Generally, employees have left by this time, but if for some reason you are there working late, it is ok to stay. The professional will either clean around you or come back after you leave, depending on timing and your preference.

The cleaning services professional will usually be equipped with a few tools including floor cleaner, all purpose cleaner, cloths, a mop and a vacuum. They may also put a “Wet Floor” sign outside your door if the space calls for it.

First, the professional will empty trash bins and waste baskets in your office. They will likely put these into a larger receptacle they are wheeling around with them. They will then clean the inside and the outside of the trash can with all purpose cleaner on a rag and then put a new trash bag into the can.

Next, they will use a duster to dust the room including vents, lights, fans, furniture and ledges near windows. They may also dust shelves and picture frames if necessary.

To keep all surfaces clean and hygienic, they will often use a damp cloth sprayed with a mixture of water and all purpose cleaner to wipe down surfaces like the desk, conference table and exposed shelves as well as any other areas that may need to be cleaned off.

If you are lucky enough to have windows in your office, the professional might use window and glass cleaner to wipe down the inside of your windows. They leave the outside of the windows to professional window cleaners.

After they are done with all of these items, the will likely dust mop the floor if it is tile or hardwood or any other similar surface and then follow that up with a wet mop if necessary using a pH-neutral floor cleaner to protect the floor.

More than likely, however, the office will be carpeted, in which case they will vacuum the space.

Before exiting, the professionals from Springs Cleaning may make note of any maintenance items they noticed while in the office and record them. From there, they will work to report those issues in a timely fashion to ensure they are addressed by management or building maintenance.

You can rest assured that these professionals will treat your space and your belongings with care and sensitivity. They will not be looking through drawers or going through papers, but will simply focus on cleaning up exposed surfaces and keeping the floors, vents and windows clean so that you can enjoy a production work day beginning each morning.