These cleaning and care hacks are the best ways to maintain laminate flooring

For anyone with laminate flooring in their homes, you know that there are a ton of different tips and tricks out there in regards to how you should take care of your floors to leave them clean and shiny. While it may seem fairly easy at first, laminate floors must be maintained to keep them looking their best. Contrary to popular belief, a quick sweep will not keep them in tip-top shape. In fact, laminate floors can lose their shine rather quickly if not maintained properly and when floors do not look good, it can make an entire room seem dirty or not well kept. If you are currently wondering how best to take care of your laminate flooring, this list will give you some tips and tricks to a beautiful floor.
The first thing you can do to protect your floor is to think about the ways in which wear and tear can happen. Of course walking across your floor should not damage it, but think about the kind of shoes you are wearing. Does someone in your home wear heavy work boots? What about stiletto heels? Both of these kinds of shoes can wear down the laminate and cause it to break down faster. If you have pets it is also important to think about how they can damage a floor. Some pets will tear at the floor, which needs to be managed in its own way, but have you ever thought about the way a pets nails tapping across the floor day after day can cause micro damage to the surface of the floor? A good way to avoid this is by making sure your pet’s nails are always trimmed and well-maintained.
Another area of wear and tear comes from what kind of furniture is placed in the room. This issue happens often in dining rooms. when chairs at a dining room table are being pulled across the floor over and over. To avoid this, make sure to place furniture pads on the legs of any furniture that can cause potential damage.
When it comes to cleaning the floors, people have a lot of different opinions about what works. Some floor cleaners, especially ones with a pine scent, can leave a waxy build-up or residue on the floor that can dull the shine quite a bit. Some people also say vinegar works to eliminate residue, however others say that vinegar can actually erode the sealant on the flooring.
The best thing to do is to first, make sure any time there is a spill on laminate flooring, you wipe it up immediately. If too much liquid gets between the seams, it can ruin the flooring. You can also use an ammonia-free window cleaner that you might use on window treatments to spot clean as well.
As for all-over cleaning, never wet mop your laminate floor. Much like hardwood flooring, too much water can cause a lot of damage. Instead, opt for regular sweeping and a lightly damp mop to restore luster to a floor. Steer clear of cleaners that add shine as well. Usually these products leave a waxy residue much like the pine scented ones, and that shine will mask the natural shine of the floor and eventually get dull because of build-up.