There are many uses for a smell proof weed bag

If you are thinking about getting a smell proof weed bag, then you need to know about the many ways that you can use it! When you have a stash of weed that you want to transport with you, then you will want to be sure that you have a place to stash your weed that won’t smell. There is nothing more embarrassing then being caught with a bag of stinky weed in your purse or pocket! You also don’t want to get into trouble if you are stashing your weed with you throughout the day and visit places such as church, work, or school. smell proof weed bags

However, weed isn’t the only stinky thing that can benefit from a smell proof weed bag. In fact, if you have smell proof pockets, then you can put anything inside that needs to remain unnoticed from the outside. Listed here are several of the many uses for odorless vape cases for women or other types of smell proof weed bags:

  1. Weed. Of course, when you purchase a bag that is designed to cover up the smell of your weed then you will want to transport your weed in it! There is nothing worse then opening your purse only to find out that your stash is in there and it smells up everything in your bag as well as everything around you. It is always a better idea to ensure that the smell is covered up at all times.
  2. Your pipe, shatter, and glass. You can also store and carry anything that you use to smoke or ingest your marijuana as well. This is a great way ensure that everything you need is hidden safely in your bag or purse and won’t stink up anything at the same time.
  3. Dorian fruit. You can also hide other stinky things in your purse or backpack! This can include dorian fruit, which is banned from many places in China and around the world as well as airplanes! However, if you have an odor proof bag, then you can stash all the dorian that you want.
  4. Stinky cheeses. Likewise, if you decide to visit France and want to indulge in their wonderful cheeses, then you may want an odor proof bag to hide the smell as well.
  5. Kimchee. There are many foods that stink and kimchee is one of them. It is a delightful and spicy treat from South Korea but if you want to transport it, then you will want to be sure that the smell doesn’t get too far.

As you can see, weed isn’t the only reason to buy an odorproof bag! In fact, if you want to transport anything stinky, then you will want to consider using this type of bag. If you want to learn more about odor proof bags for weed, then you will want to consider contacting the experts over at Erbanna. They are the leading experts in stylish weed purses and can help you select the right bag that will work for you and your needs! They have anything from wallet sized options to backpacks.