Symptoms of Brain Damage and When to Contact a Neurosurgeon

If you think you are suffering from brain damage you are not alone. First of all, you should know brain damage is basically the destruction of brain cells. Brain damage can be caused by an array of things such as a stroke, tumor or some kind of trauma. It is important to note that there are two different kinds of brain injury. They are traumatic brain injury and acquired brain injury. The traumatic brain injury is caused by some sort of external force, like getting hit in the head really hard. It’s basically where the brain moves around in the skull. Acquired brain injury is from something like a stroke or tumor.


Some signs that you have a less serious brain injury include headaches, memory issues or nausea. If you get confused easily and that is not normal behavior for you that could be a sign you are suffering from a more mild brain damage as well. These symptoms will go away after a while when it is just a mild brain injury.


There are signs to look out for if you think you have a more severe brain injury. If the symptoms above last for a prolonged time, such as longer than a year, you could be suffering from a more severe brain injury. If you are suffering from any sort of behavioral or cognitive disability for longer than a year you may have serious brain damage and you should contact your doctor right away. If you ever go into a coma this is a sign you may have serious lifelong brain damage.


Some other things to think about if you think you may have brain damage. There are some signs to look for relating to a traumatic brain injury. Have you been in a car accident recently? Do you play a sport and recently get a strong hit to the head? Have you been in any sort of altercation where physical violence took place?


If you think you may be suffering from an acquired brain injury, there are some things to think about. Have you been exposed to any toxic chemicals? Have you recently suffered a stroke, heart attack, had an infection or a tumor? If you recently drowned or were strangled, that could cause brain damage. Another reason to avoid illegal drugs is that it can cause an acquired brain injury as well.


There are many symptoms of brain damage. Any sort of cognitive or behavioral issue that is not normal can be a sign that you have brain damage. Also, if you are having issues with perception, that can be a sign of brain damage. If you think you have any of these symptoms and have brain damage, contact a neurosurgeon right away to ask about brain treatment. Although many people suffer from some sort of brain damage in their lives, and it may not always be permanent, it is not something to be taken lightly. Make an appointment with your doctor right away to get the proper testing and if necessary, brain treatment done.