Reasons of Cycling on Bamboo Bikes

Many fitness freak people usually like cycling due to a number of health benefits as it can keep them fit without spending much time on workout exercises. But many people are trying to use bamboo bikes instead of the bicycles made of steel due to various reasons.

Why to opt for bamboo bike?

Bamboo is considered as an ideal material for make traditional bicycles from natural ingredients. It is not only stiff and lighter in weight but also flexible and durable material due to natural composite fiber in it. For this reason bikes made of bamboo are easy to stabilize due to the high strength of the fibers embedded in it. The bamboo used in bikes provides them rigidity equivalent to aluminum bikes. The frame of these bikes is made from bamboo, though its stiffness is nearly 10% of the frame made from steel but the flexibility and light weight of bamboo make it equally reliable to the steel bikes.

Benefits of bamboo bikes

Lightweight: Bamboo is lighter in weight than aluminum as its mass is a bit less than that of later one.

Durability: The interwoven fibers of bamboo make it unbelievably strong and durable. It can be prevented from cracking and made extremely strong by using epoxy sealant while binding it. The things made from bamboo are not as stressful as metal items. The bike frame made from bamboo will remain firm forever whereas metal frame can bend slightly with time. Bamboo neither needs any protection from corrosion nor does it take time to remove its defects.

Sustainability: The rapid rate of growth and availability throughout the world make bamboo more sustainable than other trees. Moreover bamboo is becoming popular in various industries including bicycle and flooring etc. because it replenishes itself quickly and can be harvested easily. Furthermore bamboo is environment friendly material as it produces lesser amount of carbon dioxide than metal while manufacturing some product.

Flexibility: The bike frames made of bamboo are far more flexible than metal frames due to its natural fibrous construction. It absorbs shock more efficiently. So while riding bamboo bike you need no depend on the rear or front suspension as they do not have any suspension to absorb the shock.

Easy accommodation: Bamboo can be used to make bikes as per the requirement of the rider. If the rider is heavier in weight then wider pieces of bamboo can be used to construct a bike as compared to the bike for lightweight person.

Thus by using bamboo bikes you can make your future lifestyle and standard of living brighter and healthy. If you are looking for some quality and unique product that can add excitement in your routine life then bamboo bike can be the best option for you.

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