Now that summer is over, it’s the perfect time to get your vehicle’s hail repair taken care of. any given year, a significant number of car owners in the US will have to take their car to a hail repair shop. That’s because hailstorms happen, and not everyone has time to get their car to safety before the storm hits. Some people will be stuck in traffic on an interstate when a severe storm rolls through, while others will be out of town and will have left their vehicle sitting in their driveway. Regardless of exactly why their car was outside when the hail hit, the fact remains that these people will eventually need to get their car repaired.

The amount of money such repairs will cost depends largely on how bad the storm was, but most car owners have insurance. Thus, they’ll get an insurance agent to their home to provide an estimate on the damages, they’ll pay their deductible, and then the insurance company will cover the rest of the costs.

As you likely are aware of, the most common time for hailstorms to occur is in the late spring and the early summer. Severe thunderstorms are formed when warm air meets cool air. The warmer and cooler these different air pockets are, the more severe the thunderstorm will be. Well, the late spring and early summer tend to bring about these very severe storms most often because that’s the time of year when there’s rather warm air in the southern part of the US and cool air in the northern part. When these two separate jet streams meet, most often in parts of Texas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma but it can happen virtually anywhere in the country, the results are often catastrophic. The warm air and cool air meet forming a severe thunderstorm, and that often meets damaging hail.

This is why it’s wise for car owners whose vehicles have experienced hail damage to wait until the summer is over to visit a dent repair shop. Since thunderstorms and thus hail are much less likely to occur in the fall, it’s wise to wait until then to repair your vehicle because you can feel confident that you won’t have to repair it again later in the year. If your part of the country has a bad hailstorm in April and you get your car repaired right away, you might experience another bad storm in May or June. That means two deductibles, two times dealing with your insurance agency, and two periods of time where you won’t have your vehicle because it will be in the shop getting repaired.

Experienced hail repair companies like Auto Image 360 understand this, which is why they recommend to their customers that they wait until September or October to get their hail repairs performed. That way, their customers can feel confident that it’s the only time that year (and hopefully for many years) that they’ll have to take their car to a hail repair shop. Now that the summer is over and severe weather should be behind us, it’s a good time to start looking into getting your hail repairs done.