Colorado ranches for sale offer these cash crop opportunities

Colorado ranches for sale

If you have recently been browsing ranches for sale, it is a sure bet that you have been thinking a lot about what you will potentially do with that land. Some ranchers are interested in raising livestock such as cows, horses, pigs, goats and sheep and they will be more likely to look for wide open spaces of grazing land. This makes Montana ranches for sale an attractive option to these kinds of ranchers, particularly because these large plots of land make for good grazing land. Texas is also a good place for these types of ranchers because Texas leads the nation in livestock and cattle raising.

For other ranchers or farmers who are looking to buy land, the promise of growing and selling crops may be what really interests them. If this is the case, it makes sense for these types of ranchers and farmers to really think about what kind of crops they think will be the most successful and easy to cultivate. It is undeniable that some places in the United States have climates that are better suited to certain crops and some that are not conducive to growing crops at all.

For ranch land  in a mild climate with lots of sunshine, Colorado ranches for sale will provide a real benefit. Colorado has more days of sunshine than any other state in the country, meaning that crops that like high sunlight will do particularly well there.

Here are a few of the cash crops that do extremely well both physically and financially in Colorado:

  • Standard crops: This refers to the kinds of crops one would expect to see in expansive farmland such as hay, corn and wheat, all three of which are some of the most important and successful field crops in Colorado. These crops grow well in Colorado and also produce money for the farmers who distribute them.
  • Root vegetables: Colorado has an arid climate, making root vegetables a popular choice for farmers. Two of the most popular include potatoes and beets, which are not only important crops nationwide, but are also popular on menus throughout Colorado.
  • Fruit: While apples are the highest volume fruit crop in Colorado, Colorado is also known for its Rocky Ford cantaloupes and Palisade peaches, both of which are renowned and make a pretty penny during their harvest season. For smaller farms and in specific areas, fruit crops can truly become an important cash crop.
  • Hemp: Unsurprisingly, the hemp crop in Colorado has been steadily finding a place as a cash crop as Colorado was the one of the very first states, along with Washington, to legalize recreational marijuana. Since then, the hemp crop in Colorado has become a standard for farmers who are looking to make a decent amount of money and are still able to sell local.

Agriculture is an important part of the United States economy and offers many ways for people to make a living. For those looking to make a living in the agricultural industry in Colorado, the above listed crops would be a good place to start.