Area rugs are great for homes that lack in carpet. every American has lived or spent time in a home with carpet. Carpet can be nice to have because it provides a soft surface for people to walk on or for kids to play. However, it’s notoriously difficult to clean. When you spill a drink on carpet, it can take half an hour or more to clean it up, and often times there’s nothing that can be done to prevent a stain. This means that you either have to hire someone to come and steam clean your carpet, or you have to rent a carpet shampooer and do it yourself. On top of that, carpet shows wear-and-tear relatively easily. After only a handful of years, it’s often time to replace the carpet in the most heavily-trafficked areas of the home. Carpet might be nice to walk on, but it’s also a huge hassle.

These are the main reasons why so many American homeowners are opting for tile, hardwood, or linoleum floors. These types of floors last a great deal longer, often look better, and are much easier to clean. Still, some people miss the softness under their feet when they sit on their couch, or they miss the look of carpet in specific rooms of their home. This is where area rugs come in. They’re great for homes that lack in carpet.

There are three reasons why so many homeowners with hardwood, linoleum, or tile floors get area rugs for specific areas of their home. First, they miss having that soft material beneath their feet when they walk around their house. Thus, they’ll put an area rug in certain parts of their home, such as where their couches are or underneath their bed. That way, when they sit down to watch TV or they get out of bed in the morning, they have something soft underneath their feet. Homeowners will also put area rugs in their home because they love the way they look. These homeowners know that a great area rug can really bring a room together, helping to highlight various colors in the room or draw attention to specific aspects of it. Many of the best traditional rugs come with intricate designs and patterns, adding a wonderful decor to the room they’re in. Finally, people will put area rugs in their home because of their ability to break up a room. If they have a huge open room, they’ll put down a couple of area rugs to break the room into several smaller pieces. This helps to organize the home, giving it a more thought-out look.

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