Answering Common Questions Regarding Custom Orthotics

When it comes to medical jargon, there are a lot of things us regular folk have a hard time understanding. One of these things is custom orthotics, which is why today, we are going to look further into the topic and answer the most common questions about custom orthotics.

  1. “What is a custom orthotic?” – This is basically a medical device which is used to give proper alignment to the foot and ankle of the wearer putting it into a position that is most efficient anatomically. Custom orthotics look like shoe insoles but they are more complex than that. They serve to correct any imbalance in your feet. A good analogy would be to understand that certain feet require custom orthotics such as some eyes need glasses. Both correctional devices work to lessen and strain and stress on the area intended. This works because the body of the custom orthotic redirects and reduces certain motion of the foot when it moves. Since they are custom made, custom orthotics fit comfortably in your shoe just like an insole and they are much better since they are custom made to the exact measurements and details of your feet.
  2. “Who needs custom orthotics?” – Custom orthotics are for those who suffer from a variety of foot-related ailments that affects the mechanics of their movement. Custom orthotics is for people who suffer from the following symptoms.
    • Local foot pain
    • Hammer toes, bunions
    • Pain in the heel and/or arch
    • Pain in the knee and/or leg
    • Pain in the back and/or hip (which can also include neck pain)
  3. “If I suffer from a foot-related problem what can I do?” – If you are experiencing any of the symptoms, you should go to your doctor and consult about it. You may be prescribed some custom orthotics to help address the imbalance you have with your foot and body. When consulting with your doctor you should be thorough about the details and what you are experiencing so that it would be a lot easier for him to narrow down the problem.
  4. “Should my custom orthotics be worn all the time?” – Generally, the longer your custom orthotics are worn, the greater the benefit you will be able to experience from them. If your day consists of you having to change the shoes that you wear, you might want to consider getting another pair of custom orthotics each designed for the footwear and activity you do.
  5. “Why are my new custom orthotics uncomfortable?” – Custom orthotics work by adjusting the alignment of your foot structure and this is done by the application of pressure in certain areas of the foot. This is why you will feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning. Also, custom orthotics should also be worn in intervals of two hours and slowly extending that time over a duration of two weeks.
  6. “What kind of footwear should I use for custom orthotics?” – Basically any type of footwear that has a removable insole will be ideal for using a custom orthotic. All you need to do is remove that insole from your shoe and swap the custom orthotic in.