A Look into Cannabis Products: Cannabis Oil

Extracted from the cannabis plants, Cannabis Oil is a product that is quite rich in both THC and CBD, the active compounds in the drug. Cannabis oil is quite sticky and much like a resin. Because cannabis oil is so rich in THC and CBD it is quite popular and sought out for by both recreational and medicinal users alike. The oils inside the cannabis plant are extracted through the use of a solvent which can vary depending on the process. Solvents used for cannabis oil extraction include alcohol, water, carbon dioxide, and butane which the most common solvent used to extract the oils.


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Cannabis oil is one of the three main things that can be produced from the cannabis plant. The most popular product harvested are the buds of the plant which are dried out and smoked. Second is the resin and then there is cannabis oil. Of these three main products cannabis oil is considered to be the most potent considering that is mostly the raw compounds comprising the oils.

The high concentration of THC in cannabis oil is what attracts recreational users to the substance. For recreational use, cannabis oil is usually added to dried buds when smoked and even to hold together a freshly rolled blunt. All that THC in the oil creates a more potent experience resulting in much stronger effects. In the medicinal use of Medical Cannabis Oil, the high concentration of CBD is quite helpful for those who seek treatment with cannabis. More CBD means a more effective treatment and greater health benefits from using it.

In the consuming of cannabis oil, users can try out different ways to do so. Users can ingest the cannabis oil directly or mixing it with food or something to drink for it to go down easier. There is also the option of vaporizing the oil or smoking it with some dried buds. And there is also the option where users can directly apply the oil onto their skin which has been found to ease certain skin problems benefitting the health of the skin.

Cannabis oil is a product that is growing in popularity and can be quite helpful to certain individuals who need it and can benefit from its effects. However, cannabis oil is still a product harvested from the cannabis plant and the cannabis plant is not yet fully accepted all over the country or the world. Only the people where cannabis has been legalized for medicinal use (and recreational) can legally access medical cannabis oil and experience its beneficial effects. Even then, being able to purchase medical cannabis oil requires one having to secure a green card which can take some time.

Cannabis oil is sold in marijuana and cannabis dispensaries and you are fortunate if you are in an area with one. Cannabis Oil has a variety of health benefits to offer which includes anxiety relief, easing sleep problems, etc. If you want to use cannabis oil make sure you know the regulations around it and know how to find the right product for you.