Things to Know About 3.0 USB Chargers

People who use their mobile phone heavily may find it much helpful if any technology can charge their phone fast. In order to help such people, 3.0 USB chargers have been introduced in the market to charge the mobile phones very quickly. These chargers have been released after many improvements in their previous model, 2.0 USB chargers. The information provided here under will help you to know more about this new mobile charger.

Why to use 3.0 USB chargers?

Main reason to use recently introduced 3.0 USB chargers is that they can charge your Smartphones much faster than any other charger due to the Quick Charge Technology used in them.


How it charges fast?

In fact, Quick Charge Technology used in 3.0 USB chargers optimises the charging efficiency of the charger by increasing the flow of electric current to the battery. In this way, these chargers can charge the battery of your mobile phone even at higher voltage by improving the rate of transfer of power through commonly used cables.

How do 3.0 USB chargers work?

In order to charge your phone fast, your charger and mobile phone, both should be compatible with the same type of current and voltage. For instance, if your phone requires 2Amp current of 9 volt but you use a charger that offers 1 amp current then it will take longer time to charge it. Similarly, if you use a 2 Amp charger to charge your phone compatible with less than 1A current even then it may not charge your phone faster. So, both of them should be compatible with similar type of voltage and current strength for charging your mobile faster.

A 3.0 USB charger is designed to improve the transfer of power to the mobile phone’s battery at the initial stage so that the user can unplug it after charging it for a very short time period, with a suitably charged battery.

According to the company, 3.0 USB chargers can charge up to 80% battery of certain devices within a short time of just above 30 minutes. But it takes up to one hour to charge a mobile battery fully. In fact, the rate of power transfer of this charger decreases considerably in later stage, which increases the time of charging the battery after charging it over 50%.

How 3.0 USB chargers are better than 2.0 USB chargers?

As claimed by the company, the charging time of 3.0 USB chargers has been reduced to 25% than conventional chargers and 40% than the fast chargers of first generation due to the use of Quick Charge Technology in it. But the difference in its charging time with that of 2.0 USB chargers is not much.

Actually, every battery charges at a different voltage level. The 2.0 USB charges supported four types of power levels including 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.67A, and a 20 volt for this purpose. In order to avoid the support to variable voltages, the company has introduced INOV or Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage in 3.0 USB chargers to provide voltage between 3.2V and 20V at 200mV maximum after negotiating with the device.

The 3.0 USB chargers are the
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