Trinity Parkway

dallas-traffic-1Traffic has always been an issue in this city.  Congestion at all hours, and construction in all seasons, no one has driven in this city unaffected.  The Trinity Parkway has been a topic of discussion for almost 20 years, and in that time we’ve seen a lot of viewpoints; from determined supporters to fierce opposers. It’s hard to navigate everyone’s “feelings” on the subject among the science, the studies, and the realities behind this proposal.

On the study side of things, we found this article, which challenges our idea that more roads = less traffic.  The article highlights the widening of the (in)famous I-405 in Los Angeles.  The traffic there is something of legend, and the thought was that by widening the roads the problem would, almost immediately, be resolved. Instead, traffic there has actually been moving slightly slower than before. The idea of a new, fast moving freeway increased the amount of people using the road, and decreased the amount of people taking alternate routes. Studies like this push us to think critically about these complex problems, rather than relying on what seems like common sense.

Thinking more on the human side of things, this article, by a supporter-turned-opposer, recognizes the benefits of keeping the Trinity River the natural beauty that it is, and to let it maintain it’s position in building Dallas into the growing, cultural city that it is becoming.  Our role in building up projects along the Trinity River Corridor is recognized when he notes, “the talented Dallas real estate development community is serving customers who want to live, work and play nearby”.

This debate will continue as citizens, whether they are aware of it or not, show their opposition to the Trinity Parkway by creating a bigger demand for infrastructure and activity along the Trinity River Corridor.

Let us know your take!