Peticolas Brewing Company open in the Design District

Added to the list of things to do West of Downtown: tour, taste and volunteer at Dallas’ newest microbrewery, Peticolas Brewing Company, which is cooking up its first batches at 2026 Farrington St. as we speak.

A family-owned brewery, the company relies entirely on a family of 5 for all of its resources and operations. Michael Peticolas and his wife, Melissa, decided to start the company when presented with an opportunity to invest in a friend’s brewing company. “Why don’t we do this ourselves?” Melissa suggested, and, with that, Peticolas Brewing was born.

“This is really a modern-day mom and pop kind of deal…It’s one for all,” Peticolas said of his company, which he and his wife fully funded themselves.

Unlike other breweries, Peticolas will not premier “flagship” brews to the public, but rather let the drinkers decide what they want. They will brew a couple of beers a quarter, and, if demand for one predominates the others, they will institute it as a year-round flagship beer. “The beer’s fate truly rests in your hands,” the website says.

Some of the first places you’ll see Peticolas beers are beer-specific restaurants and bars, said Michael, such as the Meddlesome Moth, the Libertine Bar, Flying Saucer, Common Table and Goodfriends — “Places that have good American craft beer.”

Stay tuned or check the Peticolas Facebook page to find out when Peticolas’ first brews will be hitting the taps, which should be in the next couple of weeks.  The brewery will also be opening for tours, tastings and event rental in the future. You can call 214-234-7600 or email michael@peticolasbrewing.com for more info or to volunteer at the brewery.