‘Melancholy Play’ at the Green Zone won’t leave you melancholy

Melancholy Play is a self-proclaimed “farce” written by contemporary playwright Sarah Ruhl and put on by Dallas’ Upstart Productions. The play features a sad, young girl named Tilly to whom every other cheerful, happy character is inexplicably drawn. The play will run through Feb. 4 at The Green Zone, 161 Riveredge Dr. in the Design District.

So far, the play has been received with mixed, though mostly positive, reviews from a number of Dallas publications; here are some of the theater-goers comments:

Melancholy Play (appropriately) has everything to do with gravitas and how it works as currency in the pursuit of attachment and romance. If that sounds pretty dry, don’t fret. Melancholy Play is unapologetically, drop-deadpan silly, and just loves to tickle you. Emotionally, spiritually and cerebrally.” – Pegasus News via Examiner

“Things go way off the rails in Ruhl’s weird world, and director Jonathan Taylor is comfortable enough there. The tone is spot on, silly, surreal, and yet just grounded enough.” – D Magazine

“Melancholy Play is from 2001, early in the Ruhl oeuvre but a clear indicator that she is ham-handed at writing humor. It’s not a “contemporary farce,” no, not at all. If it’s something label-able, it’s absurdist. Sloppy, unpolished, excruciatingly unfunny absurdism. With a cello.” – Dallas Observer

“Giddy as it is, Melancholy Play actually affords considerable psychological insight. Vulnerability, even sorrow, can be a powerful aphrodisiac.” – Dallas Morning News

If those reviews intrigue you, you can buy tickets here, and even watch the trailer beforehand. If they didn’t do the trick, then perhaps this refreshing quote from Director Jonathan Taylor will: “Plays need to stop competing with film and television, which is a losing battle. Enough realism already, give me magic!”