Welcome to The DDD

The Dallas Design District is where its at. Everything cool, everything new, and everything artsy is happening here. Right at the heart of our city, The DDD has come from a “to the trade only” warehouse district, to a hip, blossoming community that attracts life and creativity. 

The main things we discuss on The DDD are:

  • Dallas Design District. Evolving over the last 50 years, today’s Design District and Arts District is poised to become a major destination in the urban revitalization of the downtown and near-downtown area of the city. With the help of Trammel Crow, Jim Lake Companies, and many others, it is now a thriving, urban, creative epicenter in Dallas. 
  • The Trinity River Project.  This is the most ambitious public works project in the nation, one that is transforming Dallas forever. By improving the 20-mile swath of nature that runs through the heart of the city, citizens will have the opportunity to enjoy nature and recreation within the public realm. The Trinity Trust Foundation is truly a huge player in building bridges across the Trinity.
  • Good eats & drinks.  There are some great restaurants in the Design District who’s quality and service will tantalize your taste-buds.  Our job is to do the dirty work and find these restaurants that don’t require the treacherous task of dabbing too-greasy food or searching for a happy happy hour.  All of this, we can find in the DDD. Your welcome.
  • Life and living in the DDD. You’ll be the first to know about new businesses in the district, whether its an apartment, loft, or showroom or if there is space available for lease. We also have the inside scoop on DDD parties, street events, such as wine walks (who doesn’t want to walk around and drink wine?) and art shows. We also have a first-hand source for crime reports in the area (or more appropriately- lack of crime reports), press releases, and city government contacts.
  • Bishop Arts District. Okay so its not exactly in the DDD but its hip, cool, and just a 7 minute drive from the DDD. And it is definitely worth checking out- its like stumbling into a different city thanks to Jim Lake Companies. Before Jim Lake Sr broke the ground in 1985, Bishop Arts was nothing. Now, It is a thriving urban area with many locally owned businesses competing for storefronts in the district.