The Cosmic Cafe

We decided to go out on a limb today and try our first ever vegetarian restaurant on Lower Oak Lawn. Enter The Cosmic Café.

I walked in with extremely low expectations, mostly because I despise the thought of a vegetarian lifestyle. While I love meat and would never give it up, I do respect more sensitive people that choose not to eat tortured animals.

My low expectations were quickly lifted the moment I sat down. The waiters were incredibly nice and our appetizers, food and drinks came as quickly as we had ordered them. The strangest thing was that I actually enjoyed the food so much that I couldn’t shut up about it.

However I did feel very out of place and cramped. I could hear every word of every conversation around me and also felt like someone was going to try to convert me to Buddhism.

The Cosmic Café did have some good reading if you like Kundalini, a book on self-realization, or if you enjoy Nirvanasara. I’m no Buddhist, but there is nothing wrong with achieving perfect peace of one’s state of mind.

If your looking for Jerry Garcia in a bottle, frog statues of Buddah or elephants staring at you while you eat, then please believe me my friend, this is your kind of restaurant.

What I had: Veggie Delight Quesadilla, naan & hummus, and a mango/peach smoothie.

Monica had: Boca burger and an herbal iced tea.

I hate to say it, but everything I ate knocked my socks off. The food was very good at the Cosmic Café.

Rating- 8.5 out of 10