Progress: The Trinity River Project

For years people have been wondering, “When is this whole Trinity River Development going to happen?” It has been a long process. As a matter of fact, it has officially been in the works since 1998, but informally in the works for decades. Finally, today you can see exciting and towering evidence in the heart of downtown.

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Construction can be seen as far north as Northwest Highway and the Dallas Toll Road. The white arches have almost come together, and the Trinity Trust told us that the bridge might be complete as soon as this Tuesday.

The night of June 16th, we attended a party where business socialites met at the Plaza II at Turtle Creek to discuss and celebrate the development of the Trinity River Project. The party was put on by the Trinity Trust, and they shared their vision for the future that will fuse life into downtown like it has never known.

The Trinity trust is so passionate about the trails, parks, water recreation and pedestrian traffic that the project will bring to the area, that it has started to rub off on me a bit.

World-renowned architect Santiago Calatrava designed the bridge, and he sees it as “a transformation process that will remake the real face of the city.” After all in the beginning, the river is the reason why our city is what it is.

The 1,870-foot structure includes six lanes for vehicular traffic. The “signature” portion of the bridge will be 1,200-feet in length.  Cables attached to a 400-foot central transverse arch will hold up the structure.

The project will provide the city with better roads and bridges and will also alleviate some of the downtown traffic by providing alternate routes in and out of the city.

Former mayor Laura Miller said that this project will be “the sizzle” in Dallas and Ron Kirk admitted that “this can be a transformational event in the life of our city.”

This is certainly a reason for the city of Dallas to be enthralled, so go see what is happening for yourself, or stay tuned for continued updates and events from us.

More information will be coming your way on the “Topping Off Party,” that will follow the arch’s completion.